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Phase One

The only free scientific strengths assessment available. What are your individual strengths?

Phase One

Strength-based therapy is about positive growth. Individual character strengths can be used to create a more fulfilling life. Unfortunately, we are often faced identifying and treating what is "wrong" with us rather than looking at our strengths. Focusing on the negative will leave us feeling 'stuck' and defective.  Discovering 'what is right with us' is an essential part of our growth and is the first step in being the BEST version of yourself. My passion in life is helping clients recognize and utilize their character strengths. Once a person has discovered their strengths and how to use them, they can improve their quality of life. We work together to establish insight and an accurate birds-eye view of what's going on in your life.  From this vantage point of self-awareness, we can determine goals and areas for growth moving forward to the next stage of the therapy process.  

Phase Two

What Do i need? PSYCHOTHERAPY,Cognitive BEHAVIOR Therapy, or COACHING? 

There are many types of therapy and just like picking the right pair of shoes- I can help you figure out what 'fits' you best.

Once we identified your strengths and narrowed down the areas of focus, we create a custom therapeutic approach utilizing evidenced based practices. Your role will be proactive as you will be challenged and encouraged to explore areas of growth. My strengths-based approach is a philosophy; it is not a therapeutic orientation. It is a means for you to gain maximum benefit by using techniques or tools from an array of therapies; using what works best at that moment. The practice of these therapeutic techniques will help you build the skills needed for being a better version of you.

As we design a plan of treatment that fits you, therapeutic techniques from the following treatment modalities may be considered: 


Dr. Lisa Long therapy Charlotte NC
  • Psychodynamic

  • Schema Therapy

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy  (DBT)

  • Family Systems Therapy 

  • Solution-focused Brief therapy (SFBT)

  • Mindfulness Based Therapy 

List of potential benefits from therapy

  • Gain insight
  • Improve personal and professional relationships
  • Improve performance personally and professionally
  • Increased resiliency 
  • Break negative relationship patterns
  • Increase creativity
  • Improve balance between family, work, and personal life
  • Improve communication skills
  • Increase self awareness
  • Decrease limiting and negative self talk
  • Increase sense of well-being
  • Develop healthy coping skills 

You are not a DIAGNOSIS.

 We don't have the opportunity to choose our genetics or even the environment at times, but we can learn to control our reaction to life.  

Therapy is used to address clinical diagnoses (Mood and Anxiety Disorders, and Personality Disorders). The goal of therapy is to reduce symptoms of these disorders. Some common symptoms are irritability, sadness, low energy, mood swings, difficulty concentrating. It is important to remember that a diagnosis does not define you.  It is a way to conceptualize a group of symptoms that can make life uncomfortable if not managed. Diagnoses can be understood along a continuum. On one end of the continuum, a person can experience little to no symptoms at times; whereas some have daily impairment in their life. Some people also experience symptoms that come and go. A thorough discussion will occur if a diagnosis is made. There is no reason to have any shame if you receive a diagnosis and you can think of it in much the same way you would if it were a physical health diagnosis. In fact, an appropriate diagnosis can bring relief and clarity. A diagnosis can help explain why you experience stressors that exceed your coping skills. You have the opportunity to choose a healthier response to the stressors in your life. You can choose to control your response to the environment around you. Therapy is the answer to developing and learning coping skills. Understanding the nature of a diagnosis will help an individual realize a diagnosis is not a deficit. Rather a diagnosis can be a source of resilience and strength. Living with a mental health diagnosis is proof for yourself that you are strong – and so much more than a label.

Online Therapy:

Online therapy is the perfect way to fit self-improvement into an already demanding schedule. Online therapy is flexible. It is the ideal alternative when time, finances, and travel would otherwise be barriers to treatment. Online therapy addresses the same issues as traditional face-to-face therapy but from the luxury of your own home. Online therapy is also effective in conjunction with traditional therapy.

With your motivation, higher satisfaction and happiness in your life is right around the corner. I will provide a safe and supportive environment to help you get where you want to be

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