Clinical Supervision North Carolina

Clinical Supervision North Carolina

Clinical Supervision Service in North Carolina

Based on licensure, formal training, and credentials, I can provide clinical supervision. I have a history of supervising individuals in training and working toward licensure in mental health fields. I have provided supervision to Pre-Doctoral Interns, LCSW,  Psychology Post Doctoral Fellows, Early Career Psychologists, Psychological Associates, Socials Workers, Substance Abuse Counselors, Certified Alcohol/ Drug Abuse Counselor (CADC) and other professionals. I have extensive training and interests in the areas of multiculturalism and diversity and legal and ethical parameters. My experience makes the supervision I offer practical and applicable.  

Competency-based supervision is an
approach that explicitly identifies the knowledge,
skills and values that are assembled to form a
clinical competency and develop learning
strategies and evaluation procedures to meet
criterion-referenced competence standards in
keeping with evidence-based practices and the
requirements of the local clinical setting
— Falender & Shafranske, 2007









In accordance with APA guidelines for Clinical Supervision in Health Service Psychology I use the competency based training model as identified as a best practice by APA. I can also offer this service online to reduce cost and increase productivity. Supervision is a way in which we can ensure competence in the field. I strive to offer timely and effective supervision. I recognize how good supervisors have paved much of the road for me in my career by challenging me and I strive to do the same. As a supervisor, I will help you develop a professional identity and work through ethical dilemmas. We will discuss cases to ensure you are providing the highest quality of care. Professional development is an area that is overlooked for early career psychologists and I think it is an area of focus for supervision. 


Fee schedule for CLinical supervision services:

  • Initial meet and greet: No cost. 
  • Initial Supervision Session: $100
  • Skype Supervision    $75 per session 
  • Face to Face             $85 per session 

To set up our initial meeting, email me for a prompt response .