My approach is warm and collaborative; my clients get their questions answered and receive the best treatments available.
— Dr. Lisa Long


Psychologist | Dr. Lisa Long | Charlotte, NC

Psychologist | Dr. Lisa Long | Charlotte, NC

I already know two things about you. You are intelligent and resilient. Seeking help is a sign of intelligence, and researching your best options is a sign of resilience. My therapeutic approach is warm and collaborative. Together we will customize a treatment plan based on you, not a textbook. My expertise has allowed me to practice psychology all over the world; I love what I do, and I am good at it. I was born and raised in Charlotte and returned in 2015 to start my Private Practice, You may book an appointment or free consultation with me online via the menu button, or you may call me to schedule. 
I look forward to working with you. 

My entire life I have always struggled with communicating to others , especially psychiatrists and psychologists. I always felt judged, belittled , overlooked , not understood , or even sadly out down or Ostracized by not only my peers, but doctors as well. With that being said , the very first time I met Dr. long I immediately felt comfortable and at ease .
— Eleanor M (Google Reviews)


Modern technology has created many new forms of stress and has made us vulnerable to it 24-7.  The shift in social norms over the last two decades has changed our roles in work, family, and romantic relationships. These changes in times come with the opportunity to increase self-awareness and incorporate mindfulness into our daily life. Being more aware allows us to feel better able to manage stress and feel comfortable in our life. The stressors of growing responsibilities, the daily hustle and bustle, and the demands around us have created the ideal time to incorporate therapy and/or coaching into your life.

Potential Benefits: 

  • Gain insight
  • Improve personal and professional relationships
  • Improve your view of yourself
  • Increase resiliency 
  • Break negative relationship patterns
  • Increase creativity
  • Reach goals
Dr. Long helped me figure out what I needed to do to get back on track. Helping me figure out how to motivate myself was life changing . She really cared about seeing me do better. She was the only Doc. that ever gave me the tough feedback , but it made a difference . She was easy to talk to & she seemed to relate . Her online coaching has been extremely helpful since I moved .
— Alex K (Facebook)


Learning Disability Testing : Dyslexia , Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia | Charlotte NC  

Learning Disability Testing : Dyslexia , Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia | Charlotte NC  

The manner in which psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessment is introduced is critical. It is  unlikely that anyone would have a positive approach to testing if they are told they are there to find out 'what is wrong' with them.  The initial encounter with the testing environment and the evaluator are influential. The presentation of the results have long-term implications for how an individual sees him/herself. Using a strengths-based approach to assessment, we can bypass stigma and the harmful effects of labeling. Dr. Long has a passion for her ability to help, empower, and motivate students with learning differences.

As an elementary school teacher, I work with a lot of psychologists and have never had such a good experience. My daughter is very shy and was very anxious about getting testing done. She met Dr. Long and warmed up quickly. Dr. Long put her at ease by making the testing seem like fun. My daughter didn’t even mind going back to finish. I was so thankful that we had this experience and Dr. Long helped us see all of my daughter’s strengths. Dr. Long was so supportive and helped us work with the school system.
— Kerry L (Google Reviews)

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